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The Helena

LEED for New Construction Gold Certified

  • Building Type: Multi-family Residential
  • Building Size: 38 Story, 600,000 Square Feet
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Owner: Durst Fetner Residential
  • Architect: FXFOWLE Architects
  • MEP Engineer: WSP Flack + Kurtz
  1. Selected Sustainability Features:
  2. Microturbine combined heat and power system
  3. Onsite blackwater treatment plant and water reuse system
  4. Solar photovoltaic installation
  5. Use of blast furnace slag for 45% of cementitious materials.
  6. Majority of wood products certified as sustainable by the FSC
  7. Motion sensors in stairways and corridors to control lighting
  8. Master switch at front door of all residential units
  9. Energy Star appliances in all residential units