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Orange Avenue Apartments

LEED for New Construction Silver Certified

  • Building Type: Mid-rise Residential
  • Building Size: 112,653 Square Feet
  • Location: Suffern, NY
  • Owner: Lynmark Group
  • Architect: OTTE Architecture
  • MEP Engineer: Aquarius Consulting Group
  • Civil Engineer: Brooker Engineering

Selected Sustainability Features:

  2. Developed upon a restored brownfield site
  3. Over 35% reduction in potable water usage
  4. Incorporation of recycled materials and building materials harvested and manufactured in the local region.
  5. High-albedo roof and hardscapes to counteract the heat island effect.
  6. Low-VOC building materials, paints, and floors to contribute to maintaining exceptional indoor air quality
  7. Daylighting to promote occupant health while reducing lighting energy use during the daytime.
  8. Low flow plumbing fixtures
  9. Extensive use of recycled and regionally sourced materials
  10. This including green cleaning program and educational outreach.