St. Joseph’s College – Brooklyn Athletic Facility

Targeting LEED for New Construction Silver Certification

  • Building Type: Athletic Facility
  • Building Size: 3 Story – 43,023 Square Feet
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Owner: St. Joseph’s College
  • Architect: Bentel & Bentel Architects
  • MEP Engineer: AMA Consulting Engineers
  • Construction Manager: Racanelli Construction

Selected Sustainability Features:

  1. 50% Stormwater Reduction – use of underground storage.
  2. Reduction of Heat Island Effect – use of high SRI value roofing materials.
  3. Reduction of Potable Water Consumption – use of low flow/flush plumbing fixtures and native and adaptive landscaping species.
  4. Optimize Energy Performance – VAV systems, daylight and occupancy light controls, and high efficiency HVAC & DHW equipment.
  5. High Indoor Air Quality – use of low VOC materials, no added urea-formaldehyde, construction IAQ measures.
  6. High Recycled Content & Regional Materials – use of environmentally responsible materials.
  7. Sustainable Wood Procurement – use FSC certified wood.
  8. Occupant Thermal Comfort & Lighting Control – use of individual thermostats, dimming switches, and task lights.
  9. Full HVAC&R, DHW, and Lighting Controls Commissioning.