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Moscow City Tower

Targeting LEED for Core & Shell Gold Pre-Certification

  • Building Type: Mixed Use
  • Building Size: 1800 ft tall, 5,000,000 sf
  • Location: Moscow City, Russia
  • Owner: RussianLand
  • Design Architect: Foster & Partners
  • MEP Engineer: Waterman International
  1. Selected Sustainability Features:
  2. Brownfield redevelopment
  3. Erosion & Sedimentation Control
  4. A floor plate shaped to maximize natural daylight harvesting
  5. Designed for natural and mixed ventilation
  6. Vegetated pathways and high albedo hardscapes
  7. High performance low emissivity triple glazed glass curtain wall
  8. Ventilation rates 30% above ASHRAE standard
  9. Filtration of over 90% annual rainfall
  10. Recycling of rainwater for irrigation and flush-fixture requirements
  11. Reduction of potable water use by at least 30%
  12. Measurement & Verification capability for base building and tenants
  13. Construction waste recycling of at least 50%
  14. Extensive use of recycled and regionally sourced materials
  15. Materials and internal finishes with little or no VOC content
  16. Periodic IAQ monitoring and analysis of tenant spaces
  17. Extensive and ongoing commissioning process
  18. Tenant Environmental Guidelines

Project is currently on hold.